Talking to God

from The Nether-World in the UK, with “apologies to Monty Python.”


They ponder the following:

There are also some technical questions that I would love to have answers to. How does this god appear to Tony Blair? Is it in a blinding flash of light, or does He appear in human form? Or does God speak to Blair as a voice in his head as with the serial killer Peter Sutcliffe? Perhaps it’s none of these and Tony uses divination to get a clear insight into God’s will: reading entrails perhaps or Tarot cards or observing flocks of birds. I doubt he is a regular visitor to Apollo’s oracle at Delphi because if he was he would have taken note of those two famous maxims: “Know yourself” and “Nothing to Excess.”

They also have serious analysis about the increasingly right-wing Blair government and their by now desperate attempts to cover up complicity in invasions, tortures, etc., as well as news on the anti-war movement.

P.S. Minister admits ‘rendition’ planes used RAF basesԚ 

The government last night admitted for the first time that aircraft suspected of being used by the CIA to transport detainees to secret interrogation centres had landed at British military airfields.