Uzbek torture prison

Uzbek court jails opposition activist for 10 years

With yet again no effective protest from the international community, another major leader of the Uzbek democratic opposition is packed off to torture camp. Nodira is a personal friend of mine and I am deeply sad.

She is not, doubtless, a personal friend of my replacement. I was sacked for trying to help democracy and stop this kind of thing. Where now is the British Embassy. Where was my successor, David Moran, when this sentence was passed?

Doubtless doing nothing but swanning from cocktail party to golf course with his mouth, eyes and ears closed, as a good diplomat should,

Craig Murray

Uzbekistan is a blood-drenched torture chamber where opponents of the dictator are tortured by submersion in boiling water. The US supports and props up this regime. Why do you suppose that is?

Hint: Ken Lay is involved.


  1. To say the U.S. supports and props up the Karimov regime is to be totally bereft of knowledge of the current situation. If one is going to run a blog like this, it might at least makes sense to read a newspaper once and a while.

  2. Indeed, I invite you to read Craig Murray’s blog. He was the British ambassador to Uzbekistan and resigned under fire after exposing the US/Brit of sending prisoners to Uzbekistan to be tortured.

    Sure sounds to me like the US/Britain are propping up a vile dictator. And, oh yeah, there’s that little issue of the proposed pipline that Enron was so interested in.

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