Uncomprehending media

I read the following op-ed, which anguishes about the disintegration of Iraq without even mentioning that the primary cause for it was the US invasion, thinking it was from was a right wing source. After all, it ponders whether the US should stay or go, implying the US has an honorable mission to perform there and that Iraqis want them to stay, which is akin to saying the rapist is the best person to care for the victim and that the victim should have no say in the matter.

Iraq spiraling into a failed state is a doomsday scenario not just for Iraq but for the United States. But what’s becoming more questionable by the day are whether the 130,000 US forces in Iraq are any longer the finger in the dike they have been for the last 3 years.

“Finger in the dike?” The US blew up the dike when they invaded the country based on lies. Saying the US has any right to be in Iraq, as this op-ed does, simply supports the imperialist goals of the neocons while offering a fig leaf of limp opposition.

That the op-ed is from the supposedly liberal Huffington Post is bizarre. You can’t claim to oppose the Iraq war and at the same time support US troops occupying that country. Yet that’s what they’re doing. Such muddled thinking is typical of liberals, who often find it difficult to take actual stands on issues, much less take action.

Here’s the action to take. Bring the troops home now.


  1. It is interesting that the right-wingers, who pride themselves on being great managers, don’t have the same attitude toward politcal disaster that somebody else is paying for as they do toward an investment gone sour. Would any of them continue in an investment that’s gone as bad as Iraq? Guess it only matters who’s picking up the tab.

  2. The US economy is based on war, “defense” being a huge part of the GNP.

    They need wars to get rid of all that gear so they can make more.

    While a tiny elite continues to get wealthier.

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