On Capitalism

From our friend Wood in Wales

It winds me up that a system whose survival depends upon screwing over nine-tenths of the world’s population is somehow seen as the most pragmatic and realistic way to run a country, any country.

That is all.

Seen this way by who? By a ruling class who gets wealthier as the rest get poorer or by those in the current socialist upsurge, happening now across the planet and most especially in Latin America? When the USSR fell, there was suddenly no counterpoint to capitalism. Now the planet gets to see the inevitable result of that in the neocons, who believe the world is theirs to plunder.

But it’s not working very well for them is it? Their greed and avariciousness is obvious for all to see as their insane wars threaten to destroy countries in the Middle East and bankrupt the US. “Capitalism contains the seeds of its destruction”, yes it does. Even here in the US, the bastion of anti-socialism, people are now getting interested in socialism again, as they see what predatory capitalism hath wrought.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation, a coalition partner of the ANSWER Coalition, has a wealth of articles and information about socialism, a better, more equitable economic system and form of government.


  1. Seen this way by who?

    By an ever-increasing number of people who are at university, for one – at university, for crying out loud! Remember when uni was a hotbed of radicalism? Those were the days.

  2. Bob phrased that badly. He meant, ‘I agree with you, but guess who doesn’t?’

    He’s full of pride for Wood the Wild-eyed Young Turk. Could adoption be far behind?

  3. I have done my work well, Wood has become radicalized. But I take no credit, the neocons, Bush, and Blair are the best recruiters socialism could have.

  4. People can become disillusioned and apathetic because it seems so hopeless. They need something to get hold of that they can believe in. Sadly there is no guarantee that they will see socialism as the answer. It is up to the radical left to flood the highways and byeways of society with the arguments and the answers showing it as the only alternative. Leaflets, meetings, demonstartions, letters to the media, chatting at the supermarkets and at work, we have to be anywhere people gather.
    Perhaps one of ann arky’s wee poems might say it better.


    The problem’s too big
    the perpetrators unknown
    you can’t beat the system
    all on your own.
    So it’s easy to withdraw
    find your own little cage
    turn a blind eye to the suffering
    stifle your rage,
    but the greed goes on
    the poverty’s still there,
    you can’t just leave it
    for your children to bear.
    Others feel as you do
    eager to put things right
    but locked in isolation
    it’s a hopeless fight,
    so don’t sit in silence
    behind a closed door,
    your voice can help raise
    a whisper to a roar.

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