Democrats kill their own

From Political Wire

Mother Jones reports that as part of the effort to push Iraq War vet Paul Hackett from the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate in Ohio, there was a “whisper campaign” suggesting Hackett committed war crimes.

“In late November, Hackett got a call from Sen. Harry Reid. ‘I hear there’s a photo of you mistreating bodies in Iraq. Is it true?’ demanded the Senate minority leader.”

The party of non-opposition made sure a candidate who genuinely and loudly opposed the insane policies of Bush was silenced, further proof of the complicity of Democratic leadership in the neocon agenda. Again folks, the problem with congressional Democrats is not that they are cowards, it’s that they are complicit. They will allow no real dissent.

Harry Reid’s slime of Hackett isԚ  no different from how the Bushies destroy people. Reid is part of the problem, and those who look to him for solutions are deluding themselves.