Byron DeLear for Congress

Bryon DeLear is running for a House seat in the 28th Congressional District in California as a Green and is worth supporting. He gave the national Green Party response to the State of the Union address, and called for the impeachment of George Bush. Good!

It’s now clear to millions of Americans that President Bush betrayed our trust when he launched the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

But he didn’t do this alone.

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress voted for what has resulted in the worst foreign policy conducted by our country in decades.

The reasons given by the Bush Administration in the drum up for war, the American people now know to be fraudulent.

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I met Byron last night, he’s articulate, hard-working, and opposes the war & militarization. His goal is 50,000 votes in the District.With enough help, he can do it. First step, registered Greens in the 28th need to sign his petition. Just a few more signatures and he qualifies. Then he can send a strong antiwar message.

DeLear for Congress
We can also send a strong antiwar message on March 18 during the nationwide antiwar protests. Electoral politics is one way to send a message. Getting in the streets is another, quite direct, way of doing so.