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Sue has just stepped out on her own and now has a long-term contract doing forensic audits on insurance claims arising from the hurricane disasters. After a bit, she’ll be able to do much of the work at home, but for now it entails going to downtown L.A. This 20 mile drive can easily take an hour each way, however now we have real mass transit in the San Fernando Valley, as a dedicated busway takes passengers to the subway in N. Hollywood, and from there to downtown. It may still take an hour, however it’s all on new clean mass transit for $3 a day and no freeway stress.

This city needs much more mass transit, especially to the terminally traffic-clogged Westside. Freeway traffic is clogged everywhere in LA, however even surface street traffic is problematic on the Westside.

Forensic auditors look for discrepancies in financial reporting. If you say your business was destroyed by Katrina and was worth a million, yet records show you only billed $20,000 last year, well, this won’t get past a forensic accountant. This is an over simplified example, real cases are way more convoluted.

I’m been self-employed for twenty years, this is Sue’s second time out on her own. They say the contract will last several months – barring any more hurricanes, of course.

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