Too obnoxious even for neocons

George C. Deutsch, who limited reporters’ access to a top climate scientist, did not have the college degree listed on his résumé.

Duetsch is the 24 year old Bush appontee who tried to force NASA not to have lectures about the Big Bang because it might offend Creationists. He just ‘resigned’, as his mouthy stupidity was even too much for the neocons, and also because NASA made a firm and principled stand against the anti-science Bushies.

This reminds of a story a friend told about Disney. They’d just hired an aggressive young pup, were having an important meeting where Walt Disney himself was present. Walt told everyone he wanted their input. Aggressive Young Pup made a point of asking many questions and offering numerous comments. After the meeting, on the way out, Disney said to an aide, “Fire that little asshole,” and Aggressive Young Pup was never seen again.