March 18-20 worldwide protests

There will be antiwar protests worldwide on Mar 18-19. Here in the States, major demonstrations are planned in DC, LA, SF, and many other cities. Full infomation at the national ANSWER Coalition website.

Here in LA, we’ve beeen planning and building for Mar 18 for 2-3 months. Last night, at the regular volunteer meeting, we started work on a 5,000 piece mailer. There’s lots of folding and stuffing envelopes to do, it’ll take about a week. If you live in LA, come down to the office and help out, and meet lots of like-minded people too.

As part of building for the demo on Mar. 18 and for the March 20 Day of Youth & Student Resistance to Imperialism, Youth & Student ANSWER in LA will hold a conference this Saturday.

Youth & Student ANSWER
Sat. Feb. 11 Youth & Student Anti-War Conference

Unite to Fight War, Racism & Military Recruiters
12 noon – 4 pm
El Camino Community College (in the Cafeteria)
16007 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90506

Speakers – Workshops – Music – Discussion
* How to get involved in the anti-war movement
* Getting military recruiters out of our schools and communities
* Organizing for the March 20th day of resistance to imperialism
* Solidarity with Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, the Philippines, Korea and all targets of U.S. aggression.

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