The Three Trials

My long-time friend Randy Greif has made his first film, The Three Trials.

This is not your normal film, even by indie/underground standards! Here’s the plot synopsis.

The Three Trials film“Catherine, a nun with a unique form of narcolepsy, attempts to lose herself in the worlds of religion, adolescent fantasy, and finally masochistic devotion to a man. Her husband accommodates her masochism with increasingly extreme and bizarre rituals. With an experimental and ground-breaking format, The Three Trials incorporates surreal narrative, music video, and abstract imagery. The viewer is left to interpret what is real, what is dream, and what is false narrative in this feverish, pitch-black comedy with a smorgasbord of sexual fetishes.”

I built the website for him. There’s two trailers, music from the score, and lots of stills. Check it out.

TwitchFilm has already caught the buzz. I’ll be seeing the full movie at the screening Friday night (having seen bits of it already.)

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