US corruption in Iraq

From Craig Murray

Senior US official in Iraq admits stealing $2 million of reconstruction aid and taking bribes in exchange for $8 million worth of contracts. (From BBC news)

Meanwhile, a new documentary, “Shadow Company“, seeks to explore the secret world of Private Military Companies, including the British-run firm Aegis, whose $293 million Iraq contract raised many eyebrows when it was awarded in 2004.

Meanwhile, Dubya wants billions more for war and Rumsfeld et al are making threatening noises about attacking Iran. How much more money will go to these insane wars for empire as well as being channelled into corruption and payoffs?

As Country Joe said about the Vietnam War, and it’s still true

“Come on Wall Street, don’t move slow
Man, this is war au go go
There’s plenty good money to be made
By supplying the army with the tools of trade”