Attention Blogger blogs

WordPress now will import directly from your Blogger blog! (Ditto for Movable Type and TypePad.) Blogger continues to have major server problems several times a week, plus they haven’t updated Blogger much in years. Contrast this with WordPress, which has a thriving user base, hundreds of plug-ins, and continues to release major new versions.

This import is simple and easy. I imported Sue’s old Blogger blog into in about 5 minutes with a couple of clicks. (Her blog has no new content yet, it’s coming..)

There’s one gotcha from Blogger into WordPress (from WordPress Matt in the comments to the announcement)

If you had your photos hosted on photos* they will still be embedded but Blogger prevents â┚¬Å“hotlinkingâ┚¬Â images they host from any domain other than

We’re brainstorming a solution for this.