Anger over cartoons of Muhammad escalates

Protests erupted in the Muslim world and militants issued threats against Europeans on Thursday in response to the publication in Western media of controversial caricatures of the prophet Muhammad.

Muslims, who consider any depiction of God and the prophets blasphemy, are outraged by the caricatures, one of which shows Muhammad with a bomb as a turban. Another shows the prophet standing on a cloud as he tells a group of suicide bombers that paradise has run out of the virgins said to await martyrs upon their death.

Freedom of the press is all-important, true. But these cartoons are deliberately imflammatory, mean-spirited, and racist. Will those same newspapers weep crocodile tears when a Muslim extremist detonates himself in a European shopping mall in protest. Ah well, it’ll sell more papers, won’t it?

Implying all Muslims are suicide bombers is akin to saying all Christians murder abortion doctors. Or that Christians invade countries because they, in their delusion, think Jesus told them to. I’m sure glad no one in the US does that.

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