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  1. carricatures of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH),Islam and the world.

    I have read comments and comments on the subject.But my point is this.If we respect our Prophet do others not have the right to respect their Prophet too?I have lived in a multi-religious country all my life and the most common comments others have against muslims is that we are intolerant,selfish and ungrateful.
    They say that we are treated equal in countries where we are a minority with equal rights but treat others as second class citizens where we are majority.
    take for example India, a Hindu-majority country.We have had Presidents,ministers,superstars,great scientists,artists,musicians,etc. But just next door in Pakistan,non-muslims(including Hindus) are not allowed by law to hold certain positions(Prez,Vice-Prez,Pm,etc) in the country.Their right to worship is checked and their culture is not encouraged to flourish.
    When we keep shouting day and night that Islam is the only true religion,do we realise how the others feel?
    I hope we must make an auto-criticism first.
    (London and Kenya)

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