Senators back Bush’s stance on Hamas

Lawmakers from both parties say Palestinians should get no U.S. aid until the group gives up violence

These would be the same lawmakers from both parties who enthusisatically supported the war Iraq (based on lies), the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (a country we are not at war with), and who are silent when Dubya makes bellicose threats against Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Their hands are soaked in blood, yet they piously and hypocritically say Hamas should renounce violence without asking Israel to do the same. For a conflict to end, both sides need to put down their weapons.

Update: A friend emails –

There is an irony here that I am not about to try to solve: Hamas was elected because the Palestinians lived in poverty and oppression.Ԛ  By cutting off funding to the Hamas government, we worsen that poverty and oppression.
What does our government think will happen?Ԛ  Spontaneous reduction in militancy?Ԛ  That hungry people will respond to our punishment in a positive fashion?Ԛ  “Oh, clearly these people causing us to starve are not the Great Satan after all…”
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I cannot think of a single example where increased poverty led to improved democracy.