Too little, too late

The charade of Democratic senators feigning opposition to Alito continues.

Democrats didn’t make their case on Alito, Obama says

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said he would vote Monday to filibuster Judge Samuel Alito’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, but he conceded the effort would be futile and criticized Democrats for failing to persuade Americans to take notice of the court’s changing ideological face.

If Obama, or any other Democratic senator, had actually opposed Alito loud and early, then things might have been different. But they didn’t. The liberal blogosphere has mobilized big time on this, deluging Senator’s offices with faxes, phone calls, and emails, and that’s hugely to their credit.

But when even the Great Liberal Hope Obama won’t even pretend to mount a semi-convincing attack… Look liberals, your representatives in Congress are not asleep, they are not cowards, what you need to realize is that they are complicit. That’s why they don’t object. That’s why they don’t fight.

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