Earth to Blogger

Atrios is not responding. AMERICAblog is dead in the water, Firedoglake, ditto.Ԛ ÔšÃ‚  Right now, trying to access them gives “problem loading page” and an error screen.

What’s happening is Blogger is having more of its usual hiccups and server problems. All these liberal blogs are Blogger blogs, hosted at

Google does many things well. Blogger is not one of them. They bought it a few years back and have done zilch, zero, nada with it. This happens too frequently. Bloggers who are hosted at blogspot complain that sometimes they can’t post, sometimes posts vanish, along other strangeness and massive frustration.

Why can’t Goggle get Blogger working like, say, their amazing Google Maps? They have many great products, yet they’ve apparently orphaned Blogger. Blogger is notorious for hosting spam blogs, their servers have serious problems, and they’ve barely updated over the years. Why all the problems?

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  1. I put it in the same category as Hotmail. Giving away free services, as Google and Microsoft do, they just seem that, despite their billions, they aren’t willing to dedicate enough servers to the job. I actually have more problems with Hotmail than with Blogger – VERY slow response, sometimes a “servers are too busy” to log in message. Shades of AOL dialup in the old days.

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