New look and feel

Let me know what you think of the new look. The old one was ok, but a bit plain. This is an adapted version of Patricia Muller’s excellent Connections theme, and I’ll be tweaking it more over the next few days.

I’m finally getting so I understand the CSS that underlies themes on virtually all blogs. It’s quite cryptic, and immensely powerful too.


  1. I liked the old one better on first glance, but the only substantive thing I’ll say is the old format divided the days a LOT more clearly, which I personally find very useful. On this one, the days are nearly invisible due to choice of colors, but even if the colors were different, the placement isn’t as noticeable. My $0.02.

  2. Banner changed, the black text seemed like a good idea but wasn’t. Date added for each new day. Post font chnaged to Verdana from Georgia, links color changed, underlines added in many places.

    Lots more minor tweaks.

    It’s mostly done!

    Thanks for the comments.

  3. My two cents: I liked the old one better. This one, though it has more eye-candy sacrifices readability on a couple of key points, especifically, separating posting dates.

    This is useful for me when I’m reading these posts on a browser and not on my RSS feeder (Thunderbird btw) as I do at work (but not exactly working 😉

    A tip might be to change the color of the background of the font where the date is printed. This way the reader can scroll quickly through the main page and easily recognize a date change.

    And keep up the excellent work! It’s looking great.

  4. this one is soft on the eyes… makes the content jump out nicely.. i really dig it. And howdy from up here in Portland!

  5. Hi Bob, liked your comments over at left i about “anti-war” vs. “peace”.

    I tried to visit your site on my old iMac at home (OS 9) and the background box which is a very elegant gray-green here at work was changed to black on my ancient Mac at home. The type, of course, was unreadable. I know you can’t adjust for everyone’s ancient computer, but I thought I’d pass it along for your information.

  6. Good design. I like the look though I wish the font as one size larger – for my old grandfather eyes. Your new look sets your site apart from other sites. When I come here I know instantly where I am.

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