Hamas vs. Fatah

MSM articles about the Palestinian elections today are nearly uniformly negative, especially about the possibility of Hamas winning big. Yet if western powers genuinely believe in democracy they should applaud the process and support whoever wins. Otherwise it appears they support democracy and elections only if the side they favor wins. How Bushian.

If you dig a bit, you learn that Hamas has multiple charities and helps their people in numerous ways, as well as being squeaky clean and not even slightly corrupt. So it’s easy to see why they are getting votes.

And to call them terrorist while turning a blind eye to American-built assault helicopters blowing up Palestinian homes seems more than a little one-sided.

If the US and Israel provided genuine assistance to Palestinians then they, and not Islamists, would be winning in the elections. That’s how to defuse the Islamists, provide a real alternative. But the US/Israel tactic of brute force and no compromise generally backfires, driving the undecided to the Islamists or insurgents, just like what’s happening in Iraq.