Hillary to right of Bush on Iran

A tough-talking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton Wednesday suggested she would back a military strike on Iran if that country’s radical Islamic government attempts to build nuclear weapons.

Clinton’s speech seemed to position her somewhat to the right of the Bush administration, which has stressed diplomacy without ruling out any other option.

Hell, if President she’d probably start more wars than Bush did. Further proof, if any was needed, that the Democratic inner circle, except for a few social issues, has no substantive policy differences with Republicans.


  1. Hillary will have a VERY distinctive policy from the Republicans, if she thinks it will get her votes.

    The Dems are so awed by the Clintons that nobody sees the kinship of their amorality to that of Richard Nixon.

  2. […] Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh has joined Hillary Clinton in foaming at the mouth rhetoric against Iran that is sharply to the right of Dubya’s rantings, complete with rantings about how national security must be the sole and primary focus of the country. He sounds like a crackpot verson of Cheney. […]

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