The non-opposition party

House Democrats appoint ethically-challenged House Democrat to lead ethics reform fight.

I kid you not.

The House Democrats this week chose a Democrat, who is being forced to explain his own involvement in a trip related to Jack Abramoff, to be their chief spokesman and strategist running the House Democratic effort to pass ethics reform.

What? Jim Traficant wasn’t available?

This is beyond belief.

This following item is bizarre too. Will Democrats ever tire of be run over by Republicans? But then, this particular Democrat has a billionaire husband. You think someone like that wants to rock the boat about anything? Goodness, any serious political  uproar might impact their investment portfolio. Can’t  be letting that happen.

Feinstein warns against Alito filibuster

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi does the two step shuffle

"This war in Iraq has been a grotesque mistake in my view — a tragedy," Pelosi told a crowd of about 1,000 that overflowed the Marina Middle School Auditorium for the event.

Yet, as she explained that she doesn’t want to immediately cut funding for those troops already in Iraq.

In other words, despite her words of protest, by her actions she still completely supports the war and will do nothing substantive to end it, even though her constituents solidly oppose it – a clear example indeed of the politics of this non-opposition party.


  1. And what good would it do the IMMEDIATELY cut funding? She didn’t say she was opposed to getting troops out. Just you can’t immediately cut the funding. It needs to be done in stages, a real exit plan needs to be followed. Isn’t that what SHE said?

  2. Talk is easy. She’s taking no action to end the war. I find that pathetic.

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