Just fire the Democrats, please. All of them

Americablog foams at the mouth about the useless Democratic non-opposition to Alito.

This is just that much more evidence of why there needs to be a major blood-letting in the Democratic party, and soon. Heads need to roll. ROLL. People need to lose their jobs, en masse. After 2000, no one took responsibility. After 2004, no one took responsibility. And now it’s happening again. Our wonderful party leaders are sitting back and scratching their heads wondering why the country isn’t simply running into our arms while they sit back and do nothing to earn the country’s respect and loyalty.

Your party leaders are not wonderful. The problem isn’t incompetence, it’s complicity. There’s a tiny ruling elite whose interests are opposed to the interests of the rest of us, and that elite contains members of both parties. Consider that Democratic leadership isn’t just gutless, but that at the top level they are in basic agreement with the Republicans. That’s why they aren’t doing anything.

There needs to be a major revolution in the Democratic party. Heads need to roll, and soon.

Stop hoping Dem leadership will do something. The change will not come from the top down. Real change never does. Instead, it will come from the bottom up. Then, either we become the leaders, replace the corrupt current system with something beholden to the people, or at the very least, force them to do the will of the people.

Build an independent movement, don’t wait from Dem leadership to do something. From womens’ suffrage to the union battles of the 30’s that brought us the 40 hour work week and safety regulations, to the civil rights and the anti-war protests of the 60’s, it was independent movements, people in the streets, that forced the change.


  1. I won’t pretend to be an expert on American politics, or the Democrats for that matter, but this situation sounds vaguely familiar. In Australia, the opposition Labor Party has been slowly moving to the right for a long time now, and there are many people who believe that the party is hopelessly lost to careerists and opportunists.

    I have met good people, people who believe in progressive values and ideas that are working within the party to see it move towards the direction that is more inline with the true beliefs of the party. If this is anything like the Democrats, then you too should join with these people to push the party in the direction you think it should be heading. Abandoning the party because you no longer believe in what it stands for is one thing, but abandoning it because it is controlled by people you feel are working against the party’s beliefs is another thing entirely. Don’t surrender the party, a party that still has traction with the public, that will once again return to power, to careerists and corruption. Don’t let the people who are counting on the Democrats down, fight to re-establish the Democrats as the party you want it to be, the party it should be.

    Just a little thought from Australia.

  2. Well my family,freinds,neibors and I have been democrates for as long as I can remember in fact 1 of my freinds said he was a democrate for over 70 years. Thanks to this adminastration we all opened our eyes and now we know what we all must do. VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fire all democrates and never let them back in. this is on behalf of a min of 27 people. that i know. and they also know other people that is opposed to this party now. Oh i almost forgot we are also from illinois so lets see whats going to happen in november.WE WONT FORGET!!!!! We dont like being lyed too!!!!

    • And what makes you think the Republicans will do better? They were in charge for a long time, and lyed(sic) to you then too. Do you not recall the President and VP saying they had proof of WMD in Iraq, and that Saddam was behind 9/11? Both lies.

      Democrats are tax and spend on public programs. Republicans are slash and burn on both topics. When Dems are in, the poor tend to do better while the rich ride even keel. When Republicans are in the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Both have scandals about money, sex, and nepotism all the time. That said, I’d rather have a clean politician over a corrupt one any day. But if my choice is between two corrupt politicians, generally the Democratic one will at least benefit the working poor more often than not.

      • I used to think that. Then Obama continued many of the worst Bush policies, including funneling hundreds of billions of dollars (soon to be trillions) from taxpayers to corporations. Now I fail to see much difference between the two.

        Bush took away our Constitutional rights. How many has Obama given back? Has he brought the troops home? Has he shrunk the deficit? Has he implemented or expanded a social program that I missed? Even his critics recognize that he’s a brilliant politician, so I don’t see this as an accident.

        (OK, the insurance exchanges survived in his otherwise pro-corporate health care overhaul, one of the few bright spots of that bill. I grant him that, even though the idea was cribbed from an old GOP proposal.)

        And this is no change. Bush consistently said he believed in smaller government, more freedom, and less spending. We got the opposite. Now the GOP complains because Obama is doing the same. What the parties say has little to do with what they’re really about.

        Both parties basically believe three things: (1) That they ought to be in power, (2) that the other party is evil, and (3) that the only thing more evil is any other party.

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