German secret agents helped in Iraq invasion

A scandal is brewing in political Berlin after two news organizations reported Wednesday that German intelligence agents helped the US during military operations in Iraq. Germany’s foreign minister denied the reports.

In a front page story in the respected Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), renowned investigative journalist Hans Leyendecker and colleague Wolfgang Krach quoted a high-ranking German security source as saying that two Federal Intelligence Agency agents (BND) in Baghdad helped the US military assess targets during the air invasion of Iraq in the war’s opening weeks.

The office of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, who thrust US-German relations into an ice age through his disapproval of the Iraq invasion, reportedly knew about the cooperation and approved of it, according to the article. The cooperation was made after a "political decision" by Schröder’s coalition government. "This wasn’t the decision of some department head," the SZ quoted their source as saying.

Since the Green Party was a member of the ruling coalition in Germany then, with Green Joschka Fischer as their equivalent of US Secretary of State, this means the Green Party, in violation of their founding principle of nonviolence, must have been involved in an unprovoked attack on another country. Iconic German Party founder Petra Kelly would be appalled.