Say it ain’t so, Al

Al Franken with attack dog at Abu Ghraib 

Yes, that’s "Antiwar Lite" Al Franken posing with an attack dog – at Abu Ghraib, no less. Could there be a more perfect example of the conflicted, muddled ‘response’ to the war by psuedo-liberals than this?

From Body & Soul

But I’m always wary of how fine the line is between supporting soldiers and supporting militarism

When you’re posing with military dogs at Abu Ghraib, you’ve crossed way over the line.

RedStateOn weighs in:

I really don’t see a positive side to this. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s a bit like posing with Bull Connor’s dogs in Selma. They might be nice mutts off the clock, but when working, they’re not engaged in the noblest of efforts.