How Abramoff funded the anti-gay agenda

From Doug Ireland

One aspect of the corruption and bribery mega-scandal shaking Washington that is swirling around conservative lobbyist Jack Abramoff (left), and which hasn’t gotten much mass media attention: how a lot of dough from Abramoff-controlled slush funds went to leading homophobes from the religious right.

Ireland documents how Abramoff money and juice went to anti-gay neocons in a deliberate, calculated ploy to get Bush elected by bashing gays. That’s the crucial point – attacking gays was a deliberate political move to mobilize the Religious Right and get them to vote for Dubya and other hard right candidates.

The great Ambrose Bierce once defined hypocrisy as "prejudice with a halo." And the decline and fall of these homophobes — who are all at the center of the biggest sewer of corruption in Washington since the S&L scandal in the ’80s — gives a new meaning to their favorite phrase, "family values."

Maybe they can be a family together in prison. they’ll have lots to talk about.