Bush’s poodle does his bidding

Blair says West likely to sanction Iran

We’ve been here before. Made-up claims of WMD. UN sanctions.

Iran insists its research is for peaceful energy production only. But the United States suspects Tehran has ambitions to produce nuclear weapons.

The US "suspects" Iran might make nukes? "Suspects"? Therefore, it’s clear they have no actual proof. Past events have shown the neocons will happily make up shit so they can invade countries. This is just more of the same madness. And sanctions killed 500,000 children in Iraq. 500,000 innocent children.

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  1. Just so we’re all clear (I’m sure you are), the U.S. doesn’t have the slightest right to invade Iran even if Iran declares publicly they intend to make nuclear weapons. Iran has every right to defend themselves against the very real threats from the U.S. and Israel in any way they see fit.

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