This is pathetic

From United for Justice and Peace

Does the thought of watching President Bush give the State of the Union address (scheduled for January 31) leave you feeling a bit depressed?  We have the solution:  throw a house party to support UFPJ and your local peace and justice group. And have fun!

Hundreds die each month in Iraq. Homes are blown up, people maimed, families shattered. Bush makes noises about invading Iran and Syria. Civil liberties are being being shredded.  

So, in response, United for Peace wants us all to… have a party? This is the same group that threw a hissy fit last month, refusing to work with the ANSWER Coalition on joint nationwide antiwar demonstrations. This must be that "new direction" they’ve been talking about. Have a fund-raising party and send us the money. Give them a year and they’ll be a liberal Democratic PAC like (What, you didn’t know MoveOn was a PAC?) maybe splashing the water a bit, but certainly not ever rocking the boat.

Well, this ANSWER organizer, speaking completely on his own, can assure you that while ANSWER members do like to party, we continue to organize militant antiwar demonstrations. We’re already in full mobilization mode for the March 18-20 Global Days of Action.

Parties are fun. But they don’t end wars. Mass numbers of people in the streets do. That’s what changes public opinion. That what forces lawmakers to act. Or gets them thrown out of office.

I actually thought UFJP had more fire in the belly than this. Guess not. We look forward to their Campfire Cookouts, with participants singing ‘Cumbaya’ as assault helicopters blow up more homes in Baghdad.