The chameleon and the al-Jazeera memo

Colin the Chameleon Powell was present when Dubya told Tony Blair he wanted to blow up al-Jazeera headquarters in Iraq.

This from John Latham, who has read the memo. Thus, Colin Powell can confirm Bush said it.

Blair Watch opines

As far as I am aware, nobody has directed any questions at Colin about what the Whitehouse describe as a joke, and Blair describes as a conspiracy theory…
Over to the US bloggers on that one.

From the Guardian

"He mentioned that the document was a transcript of a meeting in Washington DC between Bush and Blair. There had been a proposal to take military action against al-Jazeera at their headquarters in Qatar. This was defused by Colin Powell, US secretary of state, and Tony Blair."

Colin Powell is invisible when he wants to be, liberal other times, then conservative. A true chameleon. While it’s admirable he helped defuse Bush, it’s not so admirable that he now says, darn it, he can’t remember a thing about the meeting. But then, that’s what chameleons do. Change their colors in the blink of an eye.