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  1. Why it is so difficult for Congressional Democrats to frame republicans in a consistent and aggressive fashion? Is it that they don’t want, that they are afraid, or that they do not know how to do it? Do they like the status quo? Right now they are not an Opposition Party and they are their own worst enemy in attempting to retake a house of Congress in 2006 or the presidency in 2008. According to their speeches they do not seem to lack vision but do lack endurance. Or are they just sloshing along covering their behinds and hoping for re-election without having to reveal their own affiliations, allegiances, and plans?
    Is there a majority of DINOS’s in disguise?

    I am sure they abhor the idea of lending a veneer of legitimacy to the corrupt Republican majority that there is a “two party democratic government” which only makes them a ready made victim for Republicans to play the blame game and a target for their framing, spin, and propaganda. Still I do not know why.

    There has been in the last year a plate full of Republican shenanigans which the democrats have not used to frame the Republicans in a sustained way that keeps these issues fresh in the public eyes.

    There are only occassional eruptions of certain issues such as the Senate shutting down in early November and Cong. Murtha later in the month but these attempts soon sputter. Trying to impress the public by attempting to pass bills that do not have a chance of passing is not going to lead them anywhere.

    Americans have a short attention span. Speeches and graphs will not get them interested. Gov Dean makes some attempts at framing some issues negative for Republicans. Watch his responses to Blitzer last Sunday. However, it is not enough. It would be nice to see all the Democratic 2008 hopefuls to engage in framing, positive and negative, as part of their official discourse.

    Hoping the Republicans will implode under the weight of their corruption is folly. If Congressional Democrats do not meet fire with fire, they will win some elections but will not win the presidency or become a majority in congress.

    I can sense some negatives changing for the better for Republicans despite not having anything positive to offer for Americans in general. What have they done? They put on the theatrics of a Father Figure by scaring and scolding the children, by appearing audacious and angry, by denying everything, by spinning and framing on and on. Sadly it seems to work. Wish some Democrats would do the same.

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