Hell hath no fury

Politizine on Emily Miller, Michael Scanlon’s ex-fiancee who ratted him out to the FBI when he dumped her. He’s been indicted in the Abramoff scandals.

Don’t ever – ever – dump your attractive and smart "thirty-something" fiancee for some twinkie manicurist especially when your fiancee knows every sleazy detail about your public life.

However, don’t waste any sympathy on Miller. As a press aide to Colin Powell she was so vengeful and out of control during a press conference Powell told her to shut up. Before that, she worked for Tom DeLay. 

Miller also attracted attention after berating a Washington Post Magazine reporter. In 2001, while Miller was working as press secretary to DeLay she told a reporter who was writing a profile about DeLay. "You lied!… You betrayed him! You twisted his words! … We don’t know you. You don’t exist… You are dead to us."

She sounds like a nasty little child who has watched the Godfather too often and has delusions of being Michael Corleone – who at least destroyed people for business reasons and personal gain, not spite. 

Scanlon was a bottom-dweller too. Apparently even his friends didn’t like him.

(His) former colleagues did not speak warmly of him, saying he was not a very likable person because of the way he treated others, and that he later became flamboyant with his newfound wealth.

All of them, they’re just a pack of back-stabbing weasels, aren’t they?


  1. Hey! Leave the weasels out of this! Quit giving them a bad reputation!

  2. People who are attracted to DC tend to be extremely ambitious and get burned out very quickly when they don’t advance as quickly as they think they should. I’m considering proposing a constitutional amendment that a criteria of serving in any capacity in the government should be a verifiable desire NOT to serve, to weed out people like Miller who’s giving weasels a bad reputation.

  3. […] Is there someone, somewhere on the face of this earth (or any other planet) that Reed would find too sleazy? Scanlon apparently is such a repellent turd that even his friends don’t like him and a former high school classmate remembers him as a "complete fucking asshole."  […]

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