Podcast: Richard Becker – Eyewitness Syria

Resisting U.S. Aggression in the Middle East

Richard Becker, West Coast organizer for the ANSWER Coalition, spoke at an ANSWER LA forum on Jan 6 about Syria. He attended an international conference in Syria in December on Palestinians and the Right of Return. He speaks about the conference, on the increasing US threat to Syria, how Palestine, Syria, and the war in Iraq are related, and what the anti-war movement can do.

Becker, who has been an organizer for 30 years, has a huge command of the facts and details the history of the region and the US government’s attempt to militarily dominate it in this cogent, sometimes quite humorous talk.

MP3 (54:28 min., 18.7 mb)


  1. […] Lefti on the News notes the Richard Becker talk we podcasted yesterday contains a considerable discussion of Sharon and the atrocities at Qibya, Sabra, and Shatila (it’s about 43 minutes in), something I forgot to mention. Check it out. Becker’s knowledge of the area and history coupled with his political analysis, is something you don’t often hear in these days of carefully scrubbed media. • • • […]

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    Thanks to the extreme left Politics in the Zeroes for posting the full speech of Richard Becker, west coast organizer of the extreme left ANSWER Coalition. Becker spoke at the Los Angeles chapter on January 6 about a conference he attended in Syria on …

  3. Radical Islam? Becker didn’t even mention that, but then you’d have had to actually listened to the talk to know that…

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