Democrats, stop dissembling

Media Matters fogs the air about Abramoff money to Democrats.

(the) suggestion that Democrats took money from Abramoff at all appears to be false — a search of the Center for Responsive Politics’ database turned up no data showing any contributions from Abramoff himself to any Democrats.

While that’s technically true, what Media Matters doesn’t say (and what they could not help but know), is that while Abramoff didn’t directly give money to Democrats, his clients did so, at his direction. So for Media Matters to muddy the waters and imply Dems received no Abramoff money is just more of the same evasion and dissembling that Democrats attack Republicans for doing.

So, why did Abramoff donate directly to Republicans but through intermediaries to Democrats? There’s a definite pattern here, as it appears most if not all money to Dems was funnelled that way. The answer isn’t rocket science. Congressional Democrats no doubt wanted no paper trail or embarrassing questions about why they were taking money from Abramoff, that’s why.  

Documentation of Congressional Democrats receiving Abramoff money

Capital Eye has "a detailed look at Abramoff’s lobbying, and political contributions from Abramoff, the tribes that hired him, and SunCruz Casinos, since 1999."

Here’s the list sorted by amount given, with Democrats in blue and Republicans in red. 109 Democratic members of Congress received Abramoff money, as well several state and national Democratic groups.

The contribution summary shows 1.5 million to Democrats and 2.8 million to Republicans from 2000-2006, of that Abramoff gave $200,000 directly, the rest was via clients. Now do you see why Democratic spinners are being so pious about not getting money directly from Abramoff? Because they got it from his clients, that’s why. The same questions need to asked of them too, what did Abramoff want in return for the money?

Reuters has more

Though Abramoff personally only gave money to Republicans his Indian-tribe clients contributed to Democrats as well, campaign-finance records show.

National Republican campaign groups received $1.24 million from sources linked to Abramoff since 1999, while Democratic groups took in $844,000 during that same time period, according to the Centre for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan group that tracks money in politics.

From the Times of London

Yet although the Justice Department’s investigation appears to be focusing on several high-profile Republicans, some senior Democrats also had dealings with Abramoff, making it far from certain that Democrats will be able to paint the scandal as an exclusively Republican problem. Recent polls suggest that the US public has little confidence in the ethics of either party.

Instead of using this to call for real reform, to clean up the sleaze in DC, Democratic leadership instead is being evasive about their own role and strangely silent about reform. A real opposition party would be unleashing the pit bulls now against the incumbent party, rather than distorting the facts as they run for cover.

But that’s what you get when an elite, clubby class protects their own. Congressional Democrats (and Republicans) will do little to end the corruption until they are forced to by the people. That means organizing, mobilizing, getting people in the streets. Then the parties of Tweedledum and Tweedledee will have to clean up their acts, whether they want to or not.


  1. How do you know Abramoff’s clients gave to Dems at “his direction”?

    How is his clients giving to the Dems illegal or even unusual?

    How would the Dems know that Abramoff directed those clients to give to them?

    You are comparing apples and oranges… for the contributions to Democrats were
    quite legal and untainted with the Abramoff corruption.

    Clearly, you are the dissembler….

    Why would you want to tar the Democrats with the brush of this scandal, when
    clearly it is not theirs?

    What’s your agenda?

  2. The vast bulk of what Abramoff gave to Republicans was also through his clients. He only gave $200,000 directly. All the rest, all the money to congressional members of both parties, was through Indian tribe clients.

    To say money funnelled to Republicans through the tribes is tainted but money funnelled to Democrats the same way is squeaky clean, is, at best, looking at things through rose-colored glasses.

    All contributions from Abramoff should be examined.

    That some Democrats are so defensive about this speaks volumes.

  3. This issue has very little to do with campaign contributions. Abramoff is a Republican, he is tight with Republicans, and he is part of the K Street GOP Machine. This isn’t about who his clients gave money to. All lobbyists and their clients give money to politicians for a reason, but most of it isn’t bribery.

    You can confuse this issue all you want, and pretend that it is bipartisan. That won’t make it true.

    This is a case about bribery, fake charities used as front groups, lobbying jobs given to former friendly staffers and congressmen, Russian money entering US elections, $30,000 golf trips, Ralph Reed bilking indian tribes…….you know…..actual illegal activity.

    You can paint it as bipartisan for a while, but eventually it will play out. The lobbyists and money men have flipped. Staffers will be next. 90+% will be from the GOP, including the leader of the house.

    Until then, enjoy yourself and your meme, “Sure, the GOP is full of crooks, but so what, the Dems are too ‘06”

  4. 109 Democratic congressmembers receiving Abramoff-funnelled money doesn’t make it a problem with both parties?

  5. Washington is full of ‘funnelled money’ and ‘lobbyist money’. Not everything Abramoff touched is dirty. He was part of a fundraising and money distribution machine. They set up fake charities to launder money (like Delay’s various children’s charities that never did anything for children, but did send congressmen to scotland for golf).

    Abramoff had clients. They had tons of money. Some of them cut a check to everyone serving. That doesn’t make everyone corrupt. This isn’t about those $2000 campaign contributions. It is about the GOP money machine.

    Delay and Abramoff got a cool million from russian businessmen. They funnelled that through charities, and then sent it out into the campaign money. Russian money in US politics. WTF!!! If that doesn’t bother you……

  6. He also funnelled money to ultra-right Zionists in outposts in Israel for sniper rifles to be used against Palestinians. I’ve got plenty of info here on him. Click ‘Abramoff’ in the Categories box on the left to view them all. He’s pond scum, we all agree on that.

    I find it bizarre that some Democrats apparently think money Abramoff funnelled to their side is clean but any funnelled to Republicans is dirty. And then loudly protest when someone points the illogic of that statement.

  7. Then there is the Guam payback where Bush fired a US Attorney investigating Abramoff corruption there, obstruction of justice will figure into this eventually.

    The Bush Crime Family has been selling out America for the last 90 years.

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