On the death of the Official Secrets Act

Craig Murray on the torture telegrams

The torture telegrams were featured on over 4,000 blogs worldwide within 72 hours.

The government has been caught using material from the World’s most hideous torture chambers. Jack Straw and Tony Blair have been caught lying about the fact that they do this. And they have been shown to be completely impotent in their efforts to suppress the truth when faced with blogger revolt and modern technology.

They can still try to prosecute me if they want, but WE ARE THE PEOPLE!!

And we cannot be suppressed.

Polizeros is PROUD to be among the 4,000 blogs who spread the torture telegrams planetwide in defiance of the British government. The telegrams were written by then-Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray decrying the US/British policy of shipping suspected ‘terrorists’ to Uzbekistan to be tortured for information.

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  1. Rona Does Craig Murray and the UK torture memos

    CLM: What do you think of the whole craig murray debacle?
    RONA: Ok. I think it’s despicable that civilize societies practice torture and incommunicado detention. Everyone should have a right for freedom and a free trial. No one should be above the…

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