Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

From Craig Murray. He’s the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan who resigned and made public his memos to higher-ups decrying US and Britian shipping prisoners to Uzbekistan to be tortured for information.

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As official denials grow ever more opaque, evidence which points to Britain’s involvement in torture grows ever more transparent.

By Torcuil Crichton in The Herald

"Like the nightmare instruments themselves, the screws of proof are being slowly tightened around Britain’s complicity in the international kidnapping, interrogation and torture of terrorist suspects.

A series of allegations and an increasing pattern of reports of British involvement in the trade of "extraordinary rendition" is cornering the government in narrower and narrower denials."

Uzbekistan torture techniques includes immersion in boiling water. This is not torture light.

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  1. Rona Does Craig Murray and the UK torture memos

    CLM: What do you think of the whole craig murray debacle?
    RONA: Ok. I think it’s despicable that civilize societies practice torture and incommunicado detention. Everyone should have a right for freedom and a free trial. No one should be above the…

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