Newsweek blasts Bush

From AmericaBlog

Newsweek: Bush’s illegal domestic spying has echoes of "apartheid"

Hey, cool, we’re now being compared to one of the most loathed, oppressive, vile governments in the history of mankind. You gotta admit, it takes a real special gift to take us from a shining city on the hill to apartheid in only 5 years.

"For anyone who has lived under an authoritarian regime, phone tapping—or at least the threat of it—is always a given. But U.S. citizens have always been lucky enough to believe themselves protected from such government intrusion. So why have they reacted so insipidly to yet another post-9/11 erosion of U.S. civil liberties?

I’m sure there are many well-meaning Americans who agree with their president’s explanation that it’s all a necessary evil (and that patriotic citizens will not be spied on unless they dial up Osama bin Laden). But the nasty echoes of apartheid South Africa should at least give them pause." 

They have more. Read on.

Bush will not survive. When mainstream media shifts this hard and this fast against someone, they are doomed. Yes, the fall of Dubya may get messy. But he is falling, and nothing can stop him from cratering. He’s lied too often to too many people, and made far too many enemies.

I lived through this same process when Nixon fell. For months there was no mainstream criticism, then finally, a tiny bit, then the dam cracked. It was the NSA spying that finally did Dubya in. Americans of all political persuasions are geniunely revolted by it and by the government and president that ordered it.