U.S. operated secret ‘dark prison’ in Kabul

More is revealed about the depravity of the CIA, who of course, are an arm of the US government.

The detainees offer consistent accounts about the facility, saying that U.S. and Afghan guards were not in uniform and that U.S. interrogators did not wear military attire, which suggests that the prison may have been operated by personnel from the Central Intelligence Agency.  

The detainees said U.S. interrogators slapped or punched them during interrogations. They described being held in complete darkness for weeks on end, shackled to rings bolted into the walls of their cells, with loud music or other sounds played continuously. Some detainees said they were shackled in a manner that made it impossible to lie down or sleep, with restraints that caused their hands and wrists to swell up or bruise. The detainees said they were deprived of food for days at a time, and given only filthy water to drink.  
"We’re not talking about torture in the abstract, but the real thing," said Sifton. "U.S. personnel and officials may be criminally liable, and a special prosecutor is needed to investigate."

UK: CIA rendition flights used UK airfields

"The UK government cannot distance itself so easily from a policy based on kidnap and unlawful transfer. In 2002 UK agents were implicated in the rendition of two UK residents from Gambia to Afghanistan to Guantánamo Bay. Whether the US is sending people to other countries to be tortured, or snatching them in other countries to be abused in Guantanamo, international law prohibits the UK, or any other state, from aiding or abetting them," said Claudio Cordone, Amnesty International’s Senior Director of Regional Programmes.

Lately, many Americans have been genuinely horrified to learn their government actively participates in torture, murder, assassination, and the overthrow of governments based on lies. 

Many stunned Americans are thinking (hoping?) these recent grotesque relevations are an aberration, some sort of hideous departure from the norm.  And while Dubya certainly is a serious psycho, what the CIA is doing is just a continuation of the decades long US foreign policy goals of dominating the planet by force AKA imperialism.

The history of the CIA is dark, savage, and bloodstained as documented in this CIA support of death squads from the 50’s – 90’s in dozens of countries.

Brian Becker, national coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition recently referred to the outing of Valerie Plame saying, "From our point of view, all CIA agents should have their identities revealed because they’re all criminals."

Current events are demonstrating this to be quite true.

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