Spy court judge quits in protest

Jurist worried that Bush order tainted work of secret panel

How can you taint the work of a court that meets in secret, makes decisions that can’t be overruled, and rubber-stamps government requests for surveillance? But you gotta hand it to Dubya, he’s so repulsive even CIA/NSA-types can’t stomach him any more.

It’s important to understand that in this ongoing battle between the White House and the CIA/etc. that both sides are slime. The CIA/Valerie Plame’s etc. are not the Good Guys because there are no Good Guys.


  1. Spy Court Judge Quits In Protest Over Bush Domestic Spying

    The ripples over President George Bush’s secret go-ahead for domestic spying, and his subsequent defense of it, have morphed into a bigger wave with the announcement that a federal spy court judge has quit in protest.

  2. The CIA set up Bush with the speech about WMD before the war. They were using Plame and the yellowcake to sell off the mandatory schooling for all OOs in WMD at universities, for which they blamed Dr. Rice and her education of George at the mansion. We were going to war anyway, so they used Plame to leak off the covert WMD policy at CIA.

    The CIA works for Congress and the requirement of DOJ and Pentagon to report to the Director at CIA by Congress, tied into the Plame and secret prison leaks; seems to be a grap at more poer, creating another investigative agency that repoerts to Congress only. Bush’s doubling of the employees at CIA and the other agency that reports directly to Congress seems to have backfired on democrats that were hoping for more jobs out of 9/11 rather than the combination of existing federal law enforcement agencies at DOJ and Pentagon by Bush. So, Plame said union alot to get out of indictment along with being hired by Kerry for the election and this seems to be the focus of Congress to create more unionized federal jobs out of a new agency that reports to them like CIA and PC.

  3. Watergate, I’ve sometimes thought, was at heart a Intelligence community/White House battle. Someone wanted to bring down a president. And they did.

    “If you wish to shoot at a king, do not wound him.”

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