Pentagon spying. LA activists respond

These LA Indymedia interviews concern the Pentagon spying at an ANSWER LA-initiated anti-war demonstration in Hollywood last March; a protest that had legal permits, was peaceful, with no arrests. The Pentagon’s rationale for this, that they were investigating groups that might be threats to national security, is a laughable excuse, while their real goal is to stifle dissent and sow discord.

Ian Thompson of the ANSWER Coalition. He says ANSWER may well increase its anti-war activities because of this. He urges activists not to be cowed, but rather to keep organizing and join into groups, because the larger your group, the more effective you can be, plus you have more protection too. In numbers there is strength.

Jim Lafferty of the National Lawyers Guild. He works tirelessly behind the scenes securing protest permits, negotiating with the authorities, etc. He was a leader in the anti-Vietnam war mobilizations and he’s not slowed down since.

Full disclosure: I helped organize the Hollywood protest and Ian and Jim are friends.

Thanks to Green Lisa for the links.

PS Bush domestic spying probably illegal