Pentagon lies

The Pentagon has built a massive security database to help protect U.S. military bases and troops that includes unwarranted information on Iraq war opponents and peace activists in the United States, a defense official said on Wednesday.

The official said the database included police reports and law enforcement tips in a legitimate domestic security effort, but that it had mistakenly swept up and kept information on people who were not threats to launch terror attacks. 

Why I sure believe the Pentagon when they say, darn it, how did that "unwarranted information" about peace activists sneak into our files. Oh, wait a minute. That’s what they said in the 60’s too. And the 70’s, the 80’s, and the 90’s. Whoa, you don’t suppose they’re lying to us again, do you?

Like it was a mistake they video and photograph anti-war demos, monitor the email and Internet use of activists, then put all that information in a database – and expect us to believe that some little Xmas elf snuck the info in there. Not only are they liars, they are clumsy, inept liars.

Not to mention that they appear to be dimbulbs too.

Whitman declined to comment on specifics of the broadcast report, which quoted what NBC said was a secret briefing document as concluding: "We have noted increased communication between protest groups using the Internet," but not a "significant connection" between incidents.

Wow, you mean the Pentagon has finally determined that activists use the Internet. With mental dimness like that it’s no surprise they’re losing in Iraq. While they threaten Constitutional freedoms here at home.