Independent World Television

From long-time activist Woody Hastings comes:

I’m sure many of you are already aware of this, but in case you are not, I am sending it to you so you do know about it and can share it.
In a nutshell, IWT is a concept for the first global independent television "network" that will be available via satellite, digital TV, the web and some public and nonprofit channels. In the U.S., IWT will be on Link TV, available in over 26 million homes.
I’m excited about the possibilities for something like this, and it looks like they’ve got a good plan.  Donate if you can, that’s the only way it will work. Go straight to


  1. I’ve blogged about “IWT News” as well, and donated.

    I’m glad that you’re supporting them.

    I’m disappointed that more blogs aren’t.

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