1. The California capital punishment laws were placed by the
    voters. Arnold did the only thing that he could. In my
    way of thinking a person should go to Austria to
    do multiple murders or any other “death penalty” offense.
    I only wish we could come up with a way of this not being
    a 26 year process. One week would work…..fdupr

  2. There’s been, what, over 100 death penalty convictions that have been reversed in the past several years based on DNA evidence that conclusively showed an innocent person was in prison. Some were released after many years in behind bars.

    Let’s not rush to execution.

  3. Then we need to repeal the death penalty law if it is not going to be used.
    sitting in limbo is as inhumane as anything else. What good is law if it is
    not inforced? In every aspect of society where the rule is law the innocent
    sometimes go down with guilty… I think in war it is called colateral damage.
    I saw an interesting article regarding how many rat feces are allowed in
    popcorn before it is considered contaminated.That rule does not help the
    hapless person that gets one of the “allowed” pellets. Did he deserve that??
    probably not but nothing is fail-safe. fdupr

  4. I think the death penalty is barbaric. Murdering a murderer makes you a murderer. Also, most of those on death row are people of color annd virtually all of them could not afford well-connected lawyers. There’s no rich people on death row, and that indicates the system is not just.

  5. Then I repeat.. If this is the concession of the majority then we need to change
    the laws. I am not disputing you.I just think that once a law is voted in, then
    it should be inforced. If it can’t then it needs to be changed. This is a no
    brainer..Also it stands to reason that with a higher violent crime rate in the lower
    echelons of society no doubt these numbers will be represented in our penal
    system. btw, why are we waiting so long to dust Scott Peterson?? fdupr

  6. You have probably figured it out already but I am black…..fdupr

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