Ford will again advertise in gay publications

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We Won

UPDATE: You can thank Ford via this online form.

FURTHER UPDATE: Great AP story on our victory.

Regarding that Ford thing? We just won. 

Every major LGBT organization mobilized on this. AmericaBlog was a true force of nature here, mobilizing from the Net, and forcing the story into the open. Wow.

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This is proof that we won. That all of AMERICA won. The Associated Press story says it all. What matters most isn’t just whether we won or lost – though it does matter – it also matters whether the media and the public and corporate America thinks we won or lost. Why? Because we don’t need extremist gay-hating bullies being perceived as winners by all of their future victims. And now America knows, when it’s a choice between the gay-haters and the gays, choose the gays.

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