US to world: Fuck off

U.S. angered by Canadian PM climate comments

With one day of talks to go at the UN climate conference, desperate efforts to draw the United States into the global effort to curb greenhouse emissions appear to have hit a brick wall, and Prime Minister Paul Martin is being blamed.

Blamed? He spoke the truth, and he’s not responsible for the intransigence and willful ignorance of the neocons in DC. 

An official with close contacts in the U.S. delegation said any hopes of drawing Washington into the process were killed when Martin pointed a finger of blame at the United States in a news briefing at the conference.

"That was a big mistake," said the delegate, speaking on condition of anonymity Thursday. He said the U.S. delegation, which is directed from Washington by Vice-President Dick Cheney, was deeply angered by Martin’s comments.

Having Cheney directing US participation in global warming talks is an insult to the planet. And the slant of this story, blaming the messenger, is just neocon spin.