The neocons lose another one

And the Constitution wins.

A former college professor was found not guilty Tuesday of key charges linking him to a Palestinian terrorist group that allegedly operated an underground cell in Florida, ending a lengthy trial that balanced allegations of terrorist-related acts against assertions of abused constitutional rights.

Taken as a whole, the verdict dealt a blow to one of the federal government’s first major tests of the expanded search and surveillance powers authorized by the controversial Patriot Act, which was passed shortly after the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

In the end, after more than five months of testimony by nearly 80 witnesses and the presentation of 1,800 faxes, wiretap transcripts, email and other exhibits, prosecutors conceded that no single piece of evidence directly linked the defendants to terrorist acts.

Railroading people with no evidence is the kind of thing all those bad nasty governments that Dubya shrieks about are supposed to do, while of course, he does exactly that. This is just another especially noxious case of the neocon agenda attempting to destroy basic constitutional rights in order to further their aims. And the jury didn’t buy any of it. There were four defendants, and the verdicts on all charges was either not guilty or deadlocked.