Hey Condi, is this torture?

 A German car salesman says that a year ago he was kidnapped in Europe, beaten and flown to a US-controlled jail in Afghanistan. Now the German government is collecting evidence to back up his story.

US defence of tactic makes no sense says legal expert

"Rendition doesn’t become a tool in the war against terror unless people are being sent to a place where they can be interrogated harshly."

Oh, it now appears Condi DOES admit it.

U.S. admits wrongful detention

The Bush administration has admitted it mistakenly abducted a German citizen on suspicions of terrorist links, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday after meeting with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Berlin.

Last time I checked, kidnapping and torture are crimes. Will The White House now instruct the Attorney General to prosecute whoever did it? Not a chance.