A simple question about rendition

Blair Watch asks

If Condi and Jack are telling the truth and detainees are not being sent to secret prisons or other regimes to be tortured…

Why are they sending them anywhere?

They also appear to have uncovered the unexpurgated version of Condi’s speech today.

That lily livered coward John McCain is stirring up trouble back home with his ridiculous demand that the CIA are banned from slapping those evil terrorist childkillers around a little bit. But don’t worry, America is a country of Laws, AND I AM THE LAW, so don’t forget it McCain and the rest of you commies – our very own VP for Torture is on your case.

The questions Condoleezza must answer

Could you explain why you believe these renditions are "permissible under international law"?

Amnesty International’s senior director of regional programmes, Claudio Cordone, said: "Flying detainees to countries where they may face torture or other ill-treatment is a direct and outright breach of international law with or without so called ‘diplomatic assurances’. These assurances are meaningless. Countries known for systematic torture regularly deny the existence of such practices."

You say that the US respects the sovereignty of other countries. On what basis do you fire missiles at suspects who are on foreign soil?

An unmanned, CIA Predator aircraft is believed to have killed an al-Qa’ida commander in Pakistan at the end of last week. In 2002, a Predator operating in Yemen airspace killed six al-Qa’ida suspects, including an American citizen, in a country considered to be at peace with the US. 

The biggest rogue nation on the planet is the USA, it would appear.