If the net seems slow today,

The Internet Reachability Report currently shows many nodes completely down. This is highly unusual. A friend at a small ISP says spam may be the problem. A few months ago they got 45,000 emails a day and 4,000 were not spam. Today it’s 75,000 emails a day, and still, just 4,000 are not spam.

Update: I can’t access any Blogger blogs on blogspot. They all return errors. Anyone else getting this? 


  1. Nothing from blogger. Nothing at all. Well, I can get the help page, but no blogs.

  2. The funny thing about blogspot, and this has happened before, is that I can go to http://www.blogger.com and edit my old posts, or create new ones, it’s just xxxx.blogspot.com which is inaccessible. Anyway, it’s definitely down. And the web has been having problems (slowness, undelivered (undoubtedly queued) mail) for several days now. I think it has to do with some worm that is going around.

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