CIA torture flights

CIA operated 400-plus secret flights in Germany: report  

The German government reportedly has a list of at least 437 flights operated by the US Central Intelligence Agency in German airspace.

These would be plane flights carrying prisoners to be deposited in East European prisons and elsewhere presumably to be tortured and abused by other than US citizens so Dubya et al can pretend they aren’t involved. Sickening, eh?

The US response?

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will inflame the transatlantic row over America’s alleged torture of terror suspects in secret jails by telling Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and other European officials to ‘back off’.

And if Germany refuses to back off, Condi, what will you do, have Der Spiegel bombed? Scream that it’s permissible for the US to torture but not for anyone else, and that since the US supports freedom and openess that criticism of the US will not be tolerated? Well, I’m thinking hardly anyone except Blair believes a word the US says any more, especially when they do morally indefensible things like defend their right to torture. 

Blair Watch has more, especially on how European governments oppose the flights while the British government, as usual, is being Bush’s poodle. 

From the BBC

CIA ‘running secret terror jails’

The CIA is running a network of secret prison facilities around the world to hold high-profile terror suspects, according to a US newspaper report.

Such prisons are, or have been, located in Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and Thailand, the Washington Post claims.