The two memos – a beginners guide

Also from ringverse, posted on Blair Watch

This explains in chronological order what happened, what the two memos are, how the cover-up happened, concluding with why it’s important

Why Does it Matter?
Because if the governmet took advantage of the powers of the OSA, and did falsely brief the BBC as a face saving exercise and to protect Blair’s bud Dubya, then that shows us how significant the content of the memo is, and how far they are prepared to go to keep us from leaning what that content is.

It also makes a mockery of the fact that Blair has dismissed it as a conspiracy, and Bush as a joke, their public statements.

Was Bush Joking?
The Mirror memo is an official record of the meeting. Now, we’ve all attended meeting where minutes have been taken. Do minutes include jokes or throw away comments? No. Does anyone seriously think that, at the Presidential and Prime Ministirial level, jokes are included in the official minutes? Of course not.