Thank you L.A. Times

For mentioning Politics in the Zeros today in your Blogging L.A. article in the Around the Blogosphere sidebar. There’s so many excellent political LA blogs that, to put it mildly, I wasn’t expecting this!

They said (in the print version), that Polizeros is "A leftist view, from international relations to South Los Angeles grass-roots fundraisers"  

Here’s a few other political LA blogs with liberal/progressive views.

Crooks and Liars. Run by my friend John Amato. He was the first to post news show videos. Analyzes what’s happening on the talk shows, media bias, corruption in DC, and more. Watching political talk shows for hours a day would make me run screaming from the room. John does it well, often skewering the right with his humorous posts.

Brad Blog. Diebold Voting fraud investigations, lots more. Good stuff. (But hey, toss the garbled green and yellow layout, ok?)

Lean Left, from Douglas Kellner, UCLA professor. Anti-Bush, anti-war


Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Information Clearing House. Much news you won’t find elsewhere.